21 July 2017
frozen chicken gizzard grade a - product's photo
$ 350 / per 1 ton

Frozen Chicken Gizzard Grade A

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Company name
Tchatchouang Trading Pty Ltd
Product located
South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town
Brand name
Product features
Product status
Product type
Packed, Organic
Primary package
Amount in the package
35 kg. per box
Quantity Of (boxes, cases, etc)
30 ton in the 20 DC cont. (33m³)
Quantity available
2000 ton per 1 months
Shelf life
12 months
Country original
South Africa
Product description
Specification: Frozen Chicken Gizzard Frozen Chicken Gizzard is totally Fresh and Healthy, without bad smell and Big enough, Without any damage. Process is contain washing by water. Moisture is between 14 to 18%. This product have gone on a thorough quality control to ensure best product delivered. We strive to tailor the products to market requirements to meet the needs of each market and country. Package : 20 Kg Sheering Pack Carton Chicken Gizzard contain 4*5kg poly-nylon package Expire Date: One Year after production date (in frozen condition) Visual Condition: Without break Without skin and feather Fresh Humidity between 14 to 18 percentages Grade: A

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